Mittens lapidem cui non prius ( Cont. VII )

By: juanrico

Mar 16 2017

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… D.Aristophano still felt his sweat running down both his neck sides turning red while Mrs Dafne was unbuttoning his old cassock just as he could feel her fingers grasp his tremendously hard penis to let it get stuck into her mouth pouring down of saliva…

-!Never been sucked so passionately in my entire professional life as a priest¡ -could not avoid whispering to Mrs Dafne’s right ear as he was licking it lustily along, not paying attention to his conscience ‘s voice yelling him out for his wrongdoing.

-do not care of it, my loving man, pleasure is a unique part of the Creation, unavoidable in God’ s will for the continuation of life in the Earth.

-You’re right my dear daughter. God, our Saviour, might not hessitate He did his best so as to accomplish with His main aim: Our happy destiny, Inmortallity…

Mrs Dafne had grasped tightely D.Aristofano’s left hand to let it slip thru her brassiere she had just unbottened from her back to let her glamorous breast loom white over…

-do not fear about to let the sharping tip of your fleshy tongue pass by the tiny nipple of my breast -went on Mrs.Dafne ansiouxly expecting climax to  turn on.
*** ( next VIII )

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