Dos opiniones encontradas sobre Gibraltar ( The Guardian -en primer lugar figura la mía)

By: juanrico

May 27 2012

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Gibraltar’s jubilee party sends signal to Madrid
26 May 2012 10:12AM

you ‘re right though, it ‘s a blame for Spanish Goverments not to have met friendly meeting-points with British authorities like Chineese did in the recent past to take Hongkom back from British rule. Is is out China’s first world power today? British Governs ‘re feasable in their international commitment though, they do not seem to care a fig to Gibraltar souverainity; it is Gibraltar strategic value in case of war as they do not trust in Spanish goverments commitements, just a point in case Zapatero’s erratic policy to Gibraltar.

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26 May 2012 8:59PM
Big diff. Hong Kong population was and is overwhelmingly Chinese. Gibraltar is ethnically about 25% Spanish. I would prefer it if Gibraltar was Gaditano, but to maintain some coherence as a person who believes in democracy I believe that the people of Gibraltar are the only ones who have a say in their political future.

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