Mittens lapidem cui non prius (VI) Continuation…

By: juanrico

Apr 27 2015

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(Aristophanus at Mrs. Dafnes’ home.

-would you have a glass of vintage brandy, D. Aristophanus?
– It would be very impolite on my side to refuse it – said the priest petting with his right hand hers as he was intending to comply with her generosity as the lady’s face blushed up in shame.
– I shall have one as well I do not use though, which will help us in our meeting, do not you think, D. Aristophanus?
They seemed as if both were in a hush in taking in both their coffee and their beverage of spirit.
Mrs. Dafnes feeling her samaritan was unconfortable she added:
– you shouldn’t be scary for the kids, D. Aristophanus, they ‘re playing out with my nextdoor neighbour’s little girls, father! – said she trying to calm him down.
– you know, Mrs Dafnes, everything about school is bullshit You
ought not to pay ears to. Never. Honestly, my dear daughter.
– you can not imagine what sort of a bitch she is, my father!
– you are a daughter of God and for sure our Lord will confort you and the troubled waters will turn down and back to the river side.
– you are like a Saint ghost to me, D. Aristophanus! You ‘re so caring, so tender…
The spirit they were gulping down was doing its job, becoming so hot upon their intimacy that Aristophanus, once excusing himself for the hot that was making him sweat, he unbuttoned his black cassock so nervously he could not nearly stop his fingers from quivering excitingly. Maybe because Mrs. Dafnes was staring at his eyes filling of ansiety and passion.
-” let me help you, my father ” -said she lovingly as she unbottoned his old black cassock down his belly on the purpose of feeling his preciuos jewlery, his cock.

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