Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis odie (III) Cont.:***At Rosemary´s front door (Continuation II)

By: juanrico

Nov 20 2014


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Once they had sat round the dinning table just against the façade very close to the front door, Aristophanus, who went past on his way home from the Public House, was politely requested to take a seat and enjoy the dinner with…
-“I very much appreciate your polite invitation, but time is running short for me to have tomorrow sermon ready for Sunday mass” -he unwillingly refused Nike´s galantry, but he eventually took a seat between Nike himself and Barechest, opposite the young ladies though.
They all were engaged in lively cheering talks on young people’s sincere love or the hardship country laboures did endure in earning their living or the town coming fair lusty contest so as to proclaim who is the guy with the largest vigorous prick.
-“ It is a shame to put up a contest of that matter instead of any sport event!” – spoke up Aristophanus while pop-eyed he did not stop peeping in Rosemary’s crotch as she was crossing and uncrossing her legs unvolunteerly…as she was taking down mounches off a cucumber in so a provocative way that the priest himself thought the fantabulous young fiancée was bound to come on to him.
-“ how hot should she be shagging along ” – was Aristophanus`innermost thinking as he could feel his cock swell up under his cassock, as he dreamt of her gash dripping tiny drops of honey down her round thighs…and seeing himself dug-nosed blowing with his round lips a channel of pure air into as if splitting her heary fountain in tows.
-“Priests should get married”!- pointed out Orchid in seeing that Aristophanus blushed up while he was gulping down a glass of home made red wine and not taking her eyes away from her daughter´s thighs.
-“ya,ya,ya “! -said her hub nodding his head in approval.
As the blackness of the starry sky had covered the scene, only the creaking sound of a cricket under the sill of the window on the left side and the yelps of an eager dog barking far and away in the background completed the loneliness of the intimated local atmosphere of tenderness.

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