…Santa Maria, Mater Dey, ora pro nobis pecatorum…(II)

By: juanrico

Mar 25 2013

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As the old priest, D. Aristophanus, continued reciting the litany, the honourable men from the main altar were searching for the seat that Saintfountain used to occupy, while the common church-goers were replying with a monotonous – Santa Veneratam: ora pro nobis; Virgen Inmaculatam: ora pro nobis; Virgo Maria: ora pro nobis… at this moment, as if “Virgo Maria” sexually appealled to them, they rolled their anxious eyes in a convulsive movement trying to spot that so gracious lady that used to make them all go crazy. D. Aristophanus wasn`t, however, ignorant of what was it going on nearby, as he was unable to see the honourable men’s lips to make the least tiny move in their prayers…
As soon as the Rosary was over, the commoners rushed out to the main square awaiting quiet word with D. Aristophanus.
-Do you want me, Petra?
-No, Sir. I want D. Hermogenes.
-Isn’t there any thin wrong with the lady?
-She is terribly ill in bed with temperature.
-Well, if so, there is D. Hermogennes… if you need help., said the priest with a certain sadness and misery in his round redish face.
Petra has always been a faithful maid to Dª Saintfountain, who used to play the double role of taking care of her home and that of a confidential taleteller.
-What is the trouble today, Petra? The face of D. Hermogenes glared in a beam of luxurious wish to have news on his amiable patient.
-My lady has got a high temperature.
-Tell her immediately that as soon as I collect the medical handbag, I will be by her side.
D.Hermogenes was watched earnestly by the honourable men a few yards away just off the church main entrance.

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