Ego te adsolvo peccatis tui… in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritu Santus (III)

By: juanrico

Jun 22 2012

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Focal Length:10mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

Once the tower clock stroke for the last time to inform the churchgoers that the prayers were starting, the four friends one after another left the townhall balcony where they had been sitting on comfortable armchairs and they head towards the main entrance of the church,located in the main square, just when a few minutes ago, Saintfountain, who had been watched by one of the Kittens, had turned the corner of her lane into the square.
The elder of the two Kittens who had been outside trying to arrange the chairs taking them inside and turning the 25W lamp off, was the one that could see , while locking the townhall door, how the small group of worshipers in black with long black veils covering their faces as the moors’ usage, were heading towards the church, as if an enormous black veil were turning the place dim at sunset.
-did you see her, D. Alfred ? – asked the Kitten in a flattering way to the Major.
-who could not ? replied the Major in a sharp way.
“ She looks so attractive in that sexy lovely silky see-through dress… no one would like to miss that attractive view… – was the Major reflecting to himself.
-Most gentlemen in town would fancy the chance to… – replied the Kitten.
One after another, they had signed their faces with their pointer fingers just soaked in holly water from the basin located on the right side of the main entrance; all of them intending to gaze Saintfountain at the time.
A whisper from the crowd was filling up the air with, while Saintfountain was taking her time kneeling at the confessionary…
“ She is such an obnoxious sinner in town…that it is naturally understandable for her to take long in counting down her unbearable misconduct” – that was the most commoner way of thinking about her among the church goers while they were waiting for D. Aristophanus to start the every evening’s Saint Rosary.
Saintfountain’s blushed red as a peach in summer,stood up from her knees leaving the confession box behind to lead herself to the seat she usually occupied in the crossing of the two corredors, somewhere in the middle of the church that splitted the assambly in twos, one for the men under the choir and the other nearer the main altar for the ladies.
“you are not allowed by our Lord’s commandments to have affaires with two men at the same a time: it ‘s a shameful sin to Jesus‘ s love” – the priest’s piece of advice was blowing hardly in her ears.
“ I pledge to myself to break up with that misbehaviour, father”. “I promise not to again, father”.
“ Ego te adsolvo a peccatis tui in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritu Santus.” Go in peace, my daughter.
God has mercy on all sinners in our community. Thus, before going on with our prayers, do I requiere to beg God for His forgiveness and change for good our sinful soul into His sacred home… continued Aristophanus addressing in his speech to the assambly.
Meanwhile, Dr Hermogenes, standing up leaning to the door main entrance, was unable to forget Saintfountain’ s delicacy, her fleshy lips, the kindness she paid on him, the subtle touch of her hands on his, her transparent floppy blue nightie that you could easily draw the demanding female flesh across the openness down the chest.
-”She is so lovely so appealing so tender to me…” – was the doctor ‘s mind filled of lust.
Once the Rossary was over, the whole asssamly left the church. When all men standing up for Sainfountain to go pass at the main door entrance, and also not far away from them a group of ladies someone started to yell out gross words at her…
-you bitch, you damn bitch! – cried out one of the ladies in the group
you are cheating on all of us ! yelled out another one
-Communist ! went on the first one
-you ought to be put in the shadow for life ! screamed the lady with her hair tied up in a knot.
-you damn a whore that fucked all militia during the occupation ! spoke out wildly Dª Irene, supposed to.
Out of the blue one of the wild ladies took out a pebble out of her handbag to hit with Saintfountain’s top head and a leak of blood began to downrun across her innocent apealing cheek. By her side, Petra, her ever faithful maid wrapped her around to hide away from the mutinous group of wives.
-who might have dared to , my dear Petra? – said Saintfountain pouring tears in painful hate.
-who cares now, my lady? damn of whoever it’ s been! you ‘re so much glamourous than any hatred bitch! you are so adorable! so much loving ! they will be doomed, I pledge! said Petra who was trying to calm her down.
Dr. Hermogenes left the group of gentlemen and ran through in aid of his adorable mistress, despite the coward men who kept aside even though they were admirers of Saintfountain’s beauty.
Not far from the main entrance to the church, a group of cheerful kids were taking their time singing and dancing along to the lyrics Saintfountain had taught them in the classroom during the morning lessons.

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