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By: juanrico

Oct 02 2007

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it is dishearting to go on, but nothing can stop you from that puzzling wish that make you speak up. Today the debate in Spain lies on the Republican leftists pose against the  King Juan Carlos, while others from the extreme right welcome that campaign of discredit running from shooting down a drunk bear during a hunting season in Rusia to remain silent as constitutional principles are being challenged. The king hmself put his foot in claiming that ” hablando se entiende la gente” taking side  with ZP who is standing for the goverment peace talks with Eta ‘ terrorists, while Mr. Rajoy made once clear saying that “being able to say NO” also means dialogue. During last election campaign before 11 March, Mr. Rojoy had warned on ZP ( P$eta) interest in moving the statu quo.

One comment on “As you aren’t read…”

  1. You are dead right. Mr. P$eza is a gold-digger! And I support the king’s comment: Hablando se entiende la gente. Good blog. Go for it!

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