At Pintas home ( Mittens lapidem cui non prius IV – Cont.)

By: juanrico

Jan 10 2014


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At Pintas’ home in the evening of stonning.
Aristophanus, as priests usually do when something stunning weird occurs in the community, popped in to comfort the sufferers.
Cadmo, the Partrigde, still at the Samaritan home licking his wounds after being kicked out by his beloved wife, Dafne, who was trying to console their three little kids, Lucótea, Sémele y, the toddler, Ilirio that were begging her for their father’s return home.
– You will be my guest as long as the school term is over, Cadmo! – were Pintas’ kind words of comfort.
– you will be charged with the everyday boarding bill of five pesetas.
– It isn´t so dear for you to afford, Cadmo – Pintas added in a very convincing way trying to make profit out of the family drama.
– you oughtn’t make any schedule in advance – said Aristophanus the priest to Pintas- it´s my sacred responsability to meddle in this dishearting family dispute as he was untangling his curly hair with his right hand fingers.
– As Aristophanus was off Cadmo also walked out on his way to the main square in town, working out a plan and let Saintfountain know about it.
Aristophanus had already worked out an inmediate schedule in his mind and called on Mrs Dafne so that in the name of God to fix any distraught disarray…
– knock, knock
Mrs Dafne unlocked the front door at once still drying up her tears with an unfolded kerchief…
– do come in, D. Aristophanus¡ she invited him inside in her lovingly way
– it is not going to be long, Mrs Dafne
– do not haste, D. Aristophanus¡
Yet in Mrs Dafne led herself into the kitchen so as to make some coffee once she pleasantly offered him an armchair in the living…

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