Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis, in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti (III)

By: juanrico

Jun 02 2013

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-”She is so lovely so appealing so tender to me…” – was the doctor ‘s mind filled of lust. Once the Rossary was over, the whole asssamly left the church. When all men standing up for Sainfountain to go past at the main door entrance, and also not far away from them a group of ladies of which someone started to yell out gross words at her…

-you bitch, you damn bitch! – cried out one of the ladies in the group you are cheating on all of us ! yelled out another one

-Communist ! went on the first one

-you ought to be put in the shadow for life ! screamed the lady with her hair tied up in a knot.

-you damn a whore that fucked all militia during the occupation ! spoke out wildly Dª Irene, supposed to.

Out of the blue one of the wild ladies took out a pebble out of her handbag to hit with Saintfountain’s top head and a leak of blood began to downrun across her innocent apealing cheek. By her side, Petra, her ever faithful maid wrapped her around to hide away from the mutinous group of wives.

-who might have dared to , my dear Petra? – said Saintfountain pouring tears in painful hate.

-who cares now, my lady? damn of whoever it’ s been! you ‘re so much glamourous than any hatred bitch! you are so adorable! so much loving ! they will be doomed, I pledge! said Petra who was trying to calm her down.

Dr. Hermogenes jumped out the group of gentlemen and ran through in aid of his adorable mistress, despite the coward men who kept aside even though they were admirers of Saintfountain’s beauty. Not far from the main entrance to the church, a group of cheerful kids were taking their time singing and dancing along to the lyrics Saintfountain had taught them in the classroom during the morning lessons.

Other lyrics were spelt ,however, indecently by the same kids…/

” Sanfountain and Nerea were out to the Chaparral/

to pick up some acorns (bellotas)/

they come back home though/

with their knickers torn up (rotas)”

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