ego te absolvo pecatis tui…

By: juanrico

May 14 2013

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Once the third toll from the tower top struck he last call for prayers, the party of the four friends rose up from the armchairs in the balcony of the town hall, to walk down in a straight line formation into the main square towards the church, as just a few minutes ago, Saintfountain had been watched by one of the Kittens going past the corner of her lane into the chapel.

The elder of the two Kittens, who had stayed away trying to rearrange the chairs into the building and switch off the only 25W lamp, could spot the  regular small crowd of worshipers in black that wearing also long black veils on their heads in the Moors style, were leading their way into in such a shocking formation that it seemed to look like a black coat in the middle of the circus in the dusk.

  • did you spot her, D. Alfred ? – asked the Kitten in a flattering way to the Major.
  • who does not, D. Alfred ? replied the Major in a very cutting way.
  • “ She looks so attractive and sexy in that lovely transparent silk-like dress… so as to  be missed in her appealing incredible figure”  – was the Major reflecting to himself.
  • Most males in town would fancy the chance to…  – replied the Kitten

They had one after the other signed their faces with their index fingers just dipped] in holy water from the basin located on the right side of the main entrance, all of them intending to spot Saintfountain at the time.

A humming sound off the crowd was filling up the atmosphere, while Saintfountain was taking her time kneeling at the confessional…

“ such an obnoxious sin in town…that it is naturally understandable for  her to take  long in counting down her unbearable misconduct” – that was the  commonest way of thinking of her among the church goers as they were waiting for D. Aristophano to start the  every evening’s  Rosary.

Blushed her face red as a peach in the summer, Saintfountain stood up from her knees leaving the confession box behind to lead herself to the place she usually occupied in the intersection of the two corridors -somewhere in the middle that split the assembly in two: one for the men under the choir and the other nearer the main altar for the ladies.

  • “you are not permitted by our Lord’s commandments  to have affairs: it is  a shameful sin to Jesus‘ s love” – the priest’s piece of advice was reverberating? in her ears.
  • “ I pledge to myself to change , father”. “I promise not to again, father”.
  • “ Ego te adsolvo a peccatis tui in nomine Patris et Filii  et Spiritu Santus.”
  • Go in peace, my daughter.

God has mercy on all sinners in our community. Thus, before going on with our prayers, do I require to beg God for His forgiveness and change for good our sinful soul into His sacred home… continued Aristophanus addressing in his speech to the assembly.

Meanwhile, Dr Hermogenes, standing up leaning to the door main entrance, was unable to forget Saintfountain’ s delicacy, her  sweaty lips, the kindness she paid him, her subtle touch of her hands on his, her  transparent floppy blue pajamas that you could easily guess her demanding female flesh across the openness down the chest.

-”She is so lovely so appealing so tender to me…” – was the doctor ‘s mind filled of leud.

Once the Rosary was over, the whole assembly left the church, when…

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