The priest had taken the holly cup to deliver communion…

By: juanrico

Jan 28 2013

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“The Body of Christ” – the priest repeated time and again as the line of churchgoers approached the main altar where the priest served the Eucharist.  The honourable men standing up tended not to miss Saintfountain receive the Holy Communion as she used to do so at every Sunday Mass. While the the Wild Boar, Orfeo, continued with his tapping The Royal March on the old organ keys, D. Lewis, nicknamed the cock-partridge for his envious fondness to court ladies, gazed eagerly at Saintfountain whose appealing look always made the men lose control of their inner desires.  Hermogenes, the Soundkiller, so-called for the number of people he had sent into the grave – of course, unwillingly – also was running his eyes from the top to the butt of Saintfountain’s fine sexy shape of which she had wisely looked after to her faithful old maid’s opportune advice on her diet:” my sweetheart- she used to pinpoint to her vey often- you re getting thinner and ought to eat much more in your dinners- men do not gaze at wiry girls that often look ill”. As she was walking on towards the alter to take in the Holy Communion, the eyes from the men in the back of the church were focusing on the roundness of her bottom, which looked gorgeous on her pace: as it was nearly springtime, she wore a colourful silksome pattern blouse and a so tight a skirt that you can easily imagine her knikers marking off the fine shape of her admired body; her patent leather high heels made her rock a little, keeping it unsecure on its motion, which made the men feel more unxious to her. Even the priest himself stopped his duty to raise his eyes in the search of Sainfountain. There was no one in the town who had not dreamt of taking her nor ladies who had not felt envy to both her natural beauty and her fashionable way of dressing up. She was also envied for her free-thinking personality: few in town might not have heard of her bad reputation in the civil war with the troop her father had lodged at home.

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