In memoriam of Orlando Zapata

By: juanrico

Feb 26 2010

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To heroes like Orlando Zapata all my respect will have to be paid. No decent leaders should pay a deaf ear to the over 200 political prisoners’ outcry in their brave endurance to regain Cuba from a bloody dictatorship and bring that people in pain to the free world country. How far away are those days that Cuban revolutionaries searched the path in their brave combat to keel down Batista’s dictatorship.-birds of the same feathers flock together-What a shame at home! ZP unabled to speak up for Orlando Zapata murder, today has been forced to do his right way as the temporary President of EU. No wonder he makes a move on the opposite direction so as to avoid his Cuban friends-Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and the others- from getting annoyed to him!!!

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