letter to an anarchist friend of mine

By: juanrico

Oct 17 2009

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‘ I don’t vote since the first GE took place in Spain, thus I am an anarchist’

You are right, over 40% in Spain never go to the polls- station to drop the ballot paper at any time! your party is the

largest one on the political spectrum – if you came to terms you could get in office at once, but you are so

scrumbled up that coming you all to agreement may sound quite hard.

I am also in agreement with you – I hate the way Zeta’ s socialist party is dealing with today’s Spain’s difficulties –

you know that Zp’ s party has swollen up to the unbearable stage the sack of civil servants, which will make Spain

future fall apart; his trade unions only look after their earnest bellies ready to shrink the empty pocket of

taxpayers and consummers who won’t be able to get the ends meet! – ‘los Liberados’: those sort of parasitarian

bugs who have stepped down from their responsability as civil servants  grasping though on their salary up as

member of the Trade Union that fewer and fewer workers sign to! Poor you and the others whose pension and

health assistance are being put in jeopardy by his wrongdoing!

I am also an anarchist like you, but somewhat different – I ve never missed any chance to cast the vote in the hope

of helping to move politicians‘ standby!

I am also an anarchist because I hate that much to be scrunched by cheeky politician like those of today’s that

waste out uncaresly income and saving out of all of us!

I am also an anarchist like you as I cannot stand the way Zp burps lies and insults the intelligence of his voters

either promising social dole or taking it away at the time!

I am also an anarchist like you as I am on shame on Zp either spitting on the face of USA president on the American flag passing by at a military parade or getting down

on his knees to lick Obama’s boots to help polishing them in promissing more troops to the Afgan war!

I am also an anarchist as I am sure you hate as well to see Zp either wearing the kefia or the kipa depending on the

stage of the moment to cause Spain diplomacy the biggest damage!

Sometimes Zp’s way of conducting Spain is a havoc -I ‘d hate to become member of Z’s anarchist party.

Just my luck!

Nick Momrik

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