…ora et in ora de nostra morte.

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Mar 07 2013

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– He has got her, whispered the Partridge unable to put under control an attack of sour jealousy.

As if Dr. Hermogenes didn’t want to waste time, he rushed up the slanted curb of the main cobbled square of the town that goes into  the long lane where his dweling house was placed. On his way home Dr. Hermogenes was feeding his mind with the most appropriate believable trick to set upon his wife.

No doubt  Irene that was his wife’ s Christian name, would indefectively swallow up his treacherous lie.

– Ms Saintfountain needs intensive care. She is nauseous and feverish. It may take long to cure her.

– Will you be home for dinner? asked Irene anxiously feeling that her husband was not  honest to her.


Poor Little Saintfountain once so gracious,: she  is putting on years  and her beauty is fading, she  is still being admired by some men in town, though. Some kids from the National School used to read the lovely notes she would  put in a book to be delivered to the Partridge, her schoolmate lover,  both handsome and attractive to middle aged ladies  at that time.  However, he was married to a brownish round faced  lady with long curly hair that sometimes she would knot at the back of her head in a pretencious way. His mind was busy  with  those thoughts on his  way to Saint Fountain`s home.

“My sweet love,  You can not imagine how often I miss you. Mostly after the sunset, as I am by myself sitting at the dinner table trying to get warm with the help of the coalheater underneath. It is then when I miss you the most… we  were so happy together that unforgetable evening in the absence of my father.- your passionate kisses on my lips, your hands on my breasts petting them lovingly …”

Dr. Hermogenes used to read that letter that Dr. Partridge had posted to Irene, delivered by an unknown guy, the Kitten  was suspicious though.

The game of dominoes was going on between Mr. Aristophanus, the priest who was said to  play tricks the best, Mr. Alfred – not very keen in playing dominoes – who always needed the help of the Little Kittens sitting at his side and one-eyed-blind man, the only town’s guard?, who got his job as he had taken part… in the civil war on Franco’s side  and  the Partridge on his left. No one seemed to play dominoes under pressure. They’d rather seem to be thinking of  Dr. Hermogenes’s return from Saintfountain’s place…

-It is taking him long! – said the Partridge

– Definately ! trying to make him jelaous , Mr. Alfred answered as he  turned his eyes  and was looking through the big glass window next to him from which he could  see a big part of the main square.

– She may be terribly ill – added one of the Kittens

At that moment, D. Aristophanus, placing his back   against  the window noticed that Dr. Hermogenes had turned the street corner back from Sainfountain’s and was walking up to the Casino…

-Stop gossiping- said the priest anxiously

– Father, how could you spot him being sat back against  the window? sardonically  asked  the local guard .

– He is so gracious to God – added one of the Kittens

Hermogenes excused himself for the delay and was about to leave when Dr. Alfred  offered  him his place at the table.

– Thanks a lot, but Mrs Irene would go crazy if I stayed out so long – said Hermogenes trying to express himself politely.

– Yeah, Yeah, replied the team.

– Hermogenes looked as if he was in  cloud number nine.No wonder as he had been beside the most attractive lady in town in the last hour or so.

Her scent was so appealing…her blond long hair style as pure as the  sunlight… her night gown half open in the middle through which he could spot her brassiere  embroidered in red ribbons…and downward between her white tightly flesh  some tiny pants were inviting to go on…

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