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By: juanrico

Dec 17 2012

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…stretching his arms the priest standing back to the audience, he had continued with the prayers, while Hermogenes, the town doc had realized that Dº Saint Fountain had placed her personal praying stool of wood padded in red soft velvet to kneel herself down in her ordinary pious position, also with her round fleshy arms stretched out showing a pair of golden bracelets hanging down her both wrists, the right one and the left one… while her lips moved imperceptibly repeating the priest words of “Señor mío Jesucrist, Dios y Hombre verdadero…” she broke up the sentence to switch on her brain and think of what she had always considered like a “true man” that the honorable man of the town would have loved to reek DªFountsaint’s mind and unearth her most secret hot thoughts.It was then that she realised D. Alfred the mayor, D Hermogenes, the Soundkeeler , the He-partridge, the Postman the Kitten had turned their obnoxious eyes towards the baptisterio where she flushed her wavy long blond hair, which let her glare the men she dreamt of without being discovered. I am still ansioux to unwrap the parcel D Lewis had posted from Madrid to me on Saint Valentine Day- she thought while she still moved up and down her lips almost imperceptibly to avoid being discovered that prayers were off her mind, but always pretending she was one of the most pious lady around. Was the priest rasing up th e Holy Host to the notes of the Marcha Real, as it was used since long, played by Orfeo on the ivory keys of the yearly organ which had been given to the church by one of Dª Saintfountain’s ancestors and the Church assistant conducted it beautifully to the common churgoers’ view that had ever listened to any famous musician in the area except Orfeo,named the Wild Boar, playing on the old organ since he had taken simple music lessons at the Blind’s private mucical school…

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