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Mar 30 2012

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Baby-girls were not welcom in town after the civil war

 That evening the chit-chat at the balcony had been very exciting. Father Aristophanus had just left to prepare for the evening mass and in his place arrived Sr. Anthony, the vice president of the council, a popular landowner, and also very close friend of the mayor.

-Good evening, Sr. Anthony. How are things? -greeted D. Hermogenes.

-Not too bad. My wife has given birth to the second baby-girl! – replied Sr. Anthony

-Poor you, Sir Anthony. My second one has been a baby-girl as well.

-That’s the way Nature is mocking us! said D. Alfred, the local GP and the contemporary town council president.

-Thank you, Alfred, for your kindness. As you know, a baby-boy would have been more welcome…much better. Times are awfully hard for the time being! Once the Civil War was over and so many young men killed…

-I am very happy with the baby-girl my wife has just given birth to- said Little Cat enthusiastically, quoting his wife’s words on the need of a girl in a family given the hard time Spain was going through.

-Wow!! What a national patriot here we have here!, exclaimed the party at once emphatically, considering Little Cat as being cynical.

-Ha,ha, ha… they laughed: Alfred, the Partridge, D. Hermogenes,who had just joined them from home, where to he had gone to pay his respect to Irene, his beautiful wife, to whom he had also  excused himself for his late delay at Saintfountain’s. Also a new one in the party, it was D. Victory, a new town hall secretary appointed lately by the Governor in Badajoz. Besides, it was also new in the party the town guard, nicknamed “the Foxhunter”, very popular in town owing to his birthplace – called “Foxhunters” there- also very tough with law offenders in town. Just in time,  Little Cat, the postman, had fetched an ash tree twigwoven armchair to join the meeting.The Little Cat was the first guy to spot the shadow of the slender sexy lady coming into the main square from the far right lane towards the church, a very little moment after the altar boy had gone up to the steeple for the first toll to the evening mass.

-Look out, guys, who is going to come cross the square!, he proclaimed.

-Wow!!! Saintfountain, the Grace of God, our gorgeous pin-up!

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